Peterbilt Trucks: On-Highway, Medium-Duty, Vocational and Electric.

For more than 80 years, Peterbilt has been producing trucks with unparalleled quality. Purposefully crafted to stand the test of time, every model in Peterbilt’s incomparable lineup of on-highway tractors and vocational and medium-duty work trucks is built and configured to do one important job — yours. Rush Truck Centers offers the complete line of Peterbilt truck models at our Peterbilt dealerships across the country. Whether you need a commercial truck built for long stretches on the highway, transporting materials between job sites, navigating city streets or traversing logging roads, Peterbilt is a premium choice.

On-Highway Pterbilt Truck

On-Highway Trucks.

Peterbilt’s on-highway trucks are designed for the long haul.  Over thousands of miles of open road, everything adds up – from every service to each gallon of fuel saved.  That’s why the heavy-duty Model 579 and Model 389 are efficiently designed and equipped with the latest technology to deliver best in class fuel economy, safety and cost of ownership.

Vocational Peterbilt Truck

Vocational Trucks.

Peterbilt’s vocational models are ready to get the job done.  Reliable and rugged, each vocational truck reflects an enduring commitment to hard work in tough environments.  With a wide range of configurations and aftermarket applications, the Models 567, 520, 367 and 365 have the flexibility to meet practically any work demand.

Medium-Duty Peterbilt Truck

Medium-Duty Trucks.

Peterbilt’s medium-duty trucks are the adaptable choice for your everyday trucking needs.  Whether you need a vehicle that can reliability drive the city streets or get the job done at the loading dock or on your job site, the Models 548, 537, 536, 535 and 220 deliver economic performance day in and day out.

Peterbilt Electric Truck Model 520EV

Electric Trucks.

Peterbilt is leading the charge in the electric vehicle market.  The Models 579EV, 520EV and 220EV combine the reliability and durability Peterbilt is known for with clean, efficient operation that delivers lower emissions and less environmental impact.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Who makes Peterbilt trucks and where are they manufactured?

Peterbilt is owned by PACCAR, one of the largest manufacturers of medium- and heavy-duty trucks in the world.  Their headquarters and main manufacturing facilities are located in Denton, Texas.  All Peterbilt Class 8, heavy-duty trucks are manufactured in Denton, while Class 6 and 7 medium-duty Peterbilt trucks are manufactured at facilities in Mexicali, Mexico, and Sainte-Thérèse, Quebec, Canada.

Why are Peterbilt trucks considered high-quality?

Since 1939, Peterbilt has been producing trucks with unparalleled quality and first-class craftsmanship.  Peterbilt’s all-aluminum cabs are durable and lightweight to help resist corrosion and improve weight savings and resilience.  Best-in-class ergonomic controls, maximum driver visibility and premium materials make Peterbilt interiors comfortable and safe, and multiple trim levels are available to match every application.  For drivers on the road for long periods of time, Peterbilt’s sleepers are designed with the utmost attention to detail to provide peak comfort, and they also come with multiple options for lighting, shelving and storage features.

What engines are in Peterbilt trucks?

Peterbilt trucks are outfitted with durable and dependable PACCAR engines.  The integrated Peterbilt Powertrain found in Peterbilt trucks is equipped with the PACCAR MX-13, MX-11, PX-9 or PX-7 engine depending on the model and application.

Peterbilt trucks can also be configured with a Cummins X15, X12N, ISX or B6.7 diesel engine as well as a Cummins Westport or L9N CNG engine depending on the model and application.  Peterbilt’s three electric models, the 579EV, 520EV and 220EV, feature lithium iron phosphate batteries.

Are Peterbilt trucks equipped with vehicle monitoring and navigational systems?

All of Peterbilt’s truck models are equipped with industry-leading technologies designed to maximize safety, performance and uptime.  Peterbilt’s SmartLINQ™ technology allows you to monitor the health of your truck and up to 750 engine and emissions parameters 24/7, while the SmartNav™ infotainment system provides GPS navigation and real-time road and vehicle monitoring.

Rush Truck Centers also partners with Geotab, the leading provider of commercial telematics, to offer one of the most advanced solutions for remote diagnostics and monitoring services.  When you install the compact Geotab GO® device in your Peterbilt truck, you will have access to real-time data for visibility into the activity of your fleet so you can take steps to optimize fleet performance.  And our RushCare Customer Support Team can provide a variety of technology and support solutions to increase your uptime, improve safety and strengthen compliance.

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How many miles can a Peterbilt truck last?

In general, semi-trucks can drive between 750,000 and 1 million miles with proper care and regular maintenance.  

The PACCAR engine series found in Peterbilt trucks have a B10 design life* of 1 million miles before the need for a major overhaul or replacement.  In addition, the PACCAR 12-speed transmission has an oil change interval of 750,000 miles.  Depending on the model, Cummins engines have a life expectancy of up to 500,000 miles and have an oil change interval of up to 75,000 miles. 

*B10 design life is the expected engine life in miles of operation before 10% of all of a specific model of engine will require a major repair, overhaul or replacement. 

How much does a Peterbilt cost?

Peterbilt is known for it's endless customization opportunities that can have a significant impact on the final price, so expect the cost of a Peterbilt truck to vary greatly depending on the model, year, mileage, condition, configuration and customizations. 

View our new and used Peterbilt truck inventory and contact us to receive a specific quote from one of our sales representatives based on the vehicle and any customization options you are interested in.

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Which safety features do Peterbilt trucks come with?

Every Peterbilt truck is equipped with the latest active and passive safety features to protect not only the driver, but those around the vehicle.  Peterbilt’s Collision Mitigation Technology available on heavy- and medium-duty trucks uses advanced radar and camera technology to deliver an added layer of protection in challenging driving conditions.  New LED lighting technology offers increased visibility and lower power consumption, while an integrated InfraRed heater keeps lenses clear during inclement weather.  The windshield, mirrors and hood on every Peterbilt truck are also optimized for peak visibility for added driver awareness.

How has Peterbilt optimized their trucks to be more efficient?

Every Peterbilt truck is designed and built to operate efficiently and stay on the road for the long haul.  Below are just some of the features that make each and every Peterbilt truck top of its class when it comes to efficiency.

The PACCAR Powertrain

The PACCAR Powertrain found inside Peterbilt trucks has been designed for optimal performance and is crafted using the strongest, yet lightest materials available, ensuring your truck will run cleaner, longer and more efficiently.  The PACCAR engine’s High Pressure Common Rail Fuel Injection improves efficiency and lowers emissions while the PACCAR 12-speed transmission has been streamlined to provide the perfect blend of power and next-level fuel economy.


EPIQ technologies available for the Model 579 work in tandem with the PACCAR MX-13 engine, PACCAR Automated Transmission and PACCAR rear axle to enhance fuel economy and aerodynamic efficiency, resulting in up to 8% improved fuel efficiency.

SmartAir™ No-Idle Climate System

The SmartAir™ system available for the Model 579 and Model 567 is powered by four AGM batteries to keep sleeper cabs cool and comfortable for up to 10 hours, all while lowering fuel costs and cutting emissions.  The technology integrates with existing sleeper HVAC systems and uses 70% less fuel than diesel-based auxiliary power units and charges 25% faster than similar systems.

How many Peterbilt dealerships does Rush Truck Centers have?

Rush Truck Centers is the largest commercial vehicle dealership in the country and currently operates 55 full-service Peterbilt dealerships in 11 states.

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Is Rush Truck Centers certified to service Peterbilt trucks?

Our Rush Truck Centers dealerships are staffed by factory-trained, ASE-certified technicians qualified to work on heavy- and medium-duty vehicles of all makes and models, including Peterbilt trucks.  We currently have more than 60 dealerships certified to service and sell parts for Peterbilt trucks.

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