International HX Series Trucks

International® Truck offers a complete lineup of integrated vehicles ranging from over-the-road, medium-duty and severe service models. Whatever the job, there‚Äôs an International truck that is built for it. From the efficiency of the LT Series to the dependability of the MV Series to the durability of the HX Series or the other rugged models designed to meet your needs, International prides itself on knowing and understanding your needs and delivering solutions that help your business run at its best.


HX Series

The International HX Series is built for durability and driver satisfaction in the harshest construction or heavy-haul conditions. The HX offers features dedicated to severe service applications including an aluminum cab or a three-piece Metton hood for easier repair and resistance to cracking over the life of the truck. With standard wide-track front axles and an available dual steering gear design, the HX offers an extremely tight turning radius, and with its low-angled hood, contoured fenders, ample side glass and a large windshield drivers can easily maneuver through any job site. The HX is powered by the International A26, Navistar N13 or Cummins X15 engines with horsepower ranging from 370 to 600 and 1,350 lb-ft to 2,050 lb-ft torque.

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