Isuzu Trucks: F-Series and N-Series.

Isuzu trucks work as hard as you do and are the result of a century of truck manufacturing expertise. With roots dating back to the first truck built in Japan in 1919, every element of an Isuzu truck is designed to improve comfort and productivity while lowering your cost of ownership. Isuzu’s N-Series trucks with gas or diesel engines and the heavier-duty F-Series trucks are engineered to achieve optimal performance, durability and economy, while delivering on Isuzu’s well-known quality, durability and innovation. It’s no wonder why Isuzu commercial trucks are America’s No. 1-selling low-cab forward truck since 1986. Rush Truck Centers offers new and used Isuzu truck inventory at our 27 Isuzu dealerships in Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Ohio, Tennessee and Texas.

Isuzu FTR with Van Body

F-Series Medium- and Heavy-Duty Diesel Trucks.

The Isuzu F-Series diesel trucks are engineered to give drivers the maneuverability, visibility and power they need to move heavier payloads through urban environments and over the road. The Class 6 FTR and FVR (De-Rated) and Class 7 FVR models are heavy-weight champions ready to bring more power and strength to your fleet.

Isuzu NPR-HD Diesel with Landscape Body

N-Series Medium-Duty Diesel Trucks.

The Isuzu N-Series Diesel trucks are game changers in their category. With GVWRs ranging from 14,500 to 19,500 lbs., a powerful 5.2-liter turbocharged diesel engine, and an Advanced Driver Assistance System, the Class 4 NPR-HD and NPR-XD and Class 5 NQR and NRR are Isuzu’s safest, most comfortable, most capable N-Series trucks ever.

Isuzu NPR-HD Gas with Dump Body

N-Series Medium-Duty Gas Trucks.

With the capabilities of diesel and the conveniences of gasoline, the Isuzu N-Series Gas trucks provide the best of both worlds. The Class 3 NPR, Class 4 NPR-HD and Class 5 NQR and NRR are powering the future of medium-duty – they’re efficient, durable, powerful and offer unsurpassed maneuverability and forward visibility.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Who makes Isuzu trucks?

Isuzu trucks have been produced by Isuzu Motors, Ltd. based in Nsishi-ku, Yokohama, Japan, since 1919. In the United States, Isuzu trucks are distributed by Isuzu Commercial Truck of America, the North American subsidiary of Isuzu Motors, based in Anaheim, California. Isuzu Commercial Truck of America has been selling Isuzu trucks in the U.S. since 1984. 

Where are Isuzu trucks manufactured?

Isuzu Motors has assembly and manufacturing plants in Fujisawa and Tochigi, Japan, where they assemble heavy-, medium- and light-duty trucks as well as their Isuzu powertrains. These plants export vehicles to Isuzu’s subsidiaries around the world.

In the U.S., the Isuzu N-Series gas-powered and F-Series diesel trucks are assembled at Isuzu Commercial Truck of America’s plant in Charlotte, Michigan.

How much does an Isuzu truck cost?

The cost of an Isuzu truck can vary greatly depending on the model, year, mileage, condition, configuration and added customizations.

View our new and used Isuzu truck inventory and contact us to receive a specific quote from one of our sales representatives based on the vehicle and any customization options you are interested in.

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What engines are in Isuzu trucks?

The Isuzu N-Series NPR and NPR-HD gas models are equipped with a General Motors 6.6L V8 L8T gasoline engine that meets published federal emission standards through the 2026 model year while also generating more power and torque than previous N-Series gasoline engines. The Class 5 N-Series NQR and NRR gas models feature a PSI 6.0L LNJ V8 gasoline engine equipped with variable valve timing for enhanced efficiency and acceleration performance.

The N-Series NPR-HD, NPR-XD, NQR and NRR diesel models are equipped with the Isuzu 4HK1 5.2L turbocharged diesel engine, which meats U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final emissions standards. The F-Series FTR and FVR diesel trucks are equipped with the Cummins B6.7 turbocharged intercooled 6-cylinder diesel engine that has been tested and proven with more than 13 million engines produced over nearly 40 years with billions of miles driven.

How long does an Isuzu engine last?

The Isuzu N-Series 4HK1 5.2L diesel engine has a B10* durability rating of 375,000 miles before the need for a major overhaul or replacement. The engines found in the N-Series gasoline models (the General Motors 6.6L V8 L8T and PSI 6.0L LNJ V8) have a design life of 200,000 miles.

In addition, the Cummins B6.7 diesel engine has an estimated lifespan between 250,000 and 350,000 miles.

* B10 design life is the expected engine life in miles of operation before 10% of all of a specific model of engine will require a major repair, overhaul or replacement.

Does Isuzu make electric trucks?

Isuzu Motors and Cummins announced an agreement in January 2022 to produce a prototype medium-duty battery electric truck. The plan is to integrate a Cummins PowerDrive 6000 into an Isuzu F-Series truck and conduct a pilot program in North America beginning in 2022. The Cummins PowerDrive is a suite of plug-in hybrid electric powertrain solutions that replaces a conventional transmission and switches between hybrid and pure electric modes.

Following the pilot program, Isuzu will explore selling medium-duty battery electric trucks across North America.

Are Isuzu trucks equipped with vehicle monitoring systems?

Every Isuzu truck comes standard with a Data Recording Module that tracks the truck’s performance in key areas, such as fuel economy, engine and emission conditions, braking conditions, distance traveled and more. Our Rush Truck Centers Isuzu dealerships and parts and service centers can run an Isuzu Vehicle Health Report for you to help you monitor how your truck is being driven, identify potential service areas and monitor how previous repairs have enhanced your truck’s performance.

What is a low-cab forward truck?

On a low-cab forward truck, the engine is placed underneath the cab, usually between the driver and passenger seats, which results in less forward mass. This design places the driver at the extreme front of the vehicle, providing excellent forward visibility and 16 more ft. of ground visibility than conventional cabs. Low-cab forward trucks are more maneuverable and have a tighter turning radius, and the short length of the cab also provides more cargo space by allowing for longer bodies.

Does Isuzu still make pickup trucks?

Isuzu Motors sells the Isuzu D-Max pickup truck in the United Kingdom, Thailand, Cambodia, the Philippines and Australia, however Isuzu ended the sales of passenger vehicles in the United States in 2008. Isuzu currently only sells commercial trucks in the U.S. via its North American subsidiary, Isuzu Commercial Truck of America.

How many Isuzu dealerships does Rush Truck Centers have?

Rush Truck Centers is the largest commercial vehicle dealership in the country and currently operates 27 full-service Isuzu dealerships in Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Ohio, Tennessee and Texas.

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Is Rush Truck Centers certified to service and sell parts for Isuzu trucks?

Our Rush Truck Centers dealerships are staffed by factory-trained, ASE-certified technicians qualified to work on heavy- and medium-duty vehicles of all makes and models. We currently have 30 dealerships certified to service and sell parts for Isuzu trucks in Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Ohio, Tennessee and Texas.

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